Plumber, Mooresville, NC

Don’t gamble with your plumbing– let our experienced plumber take a look instead.

Since the late 90’s, Mooresville, North Carolina has had our team at Royal Cleaning and Property Maintenance working to keep their homes and rentals a little cleaner and more attractive. With our variety of services, including priming, painting, maid services, home repairs, gutter cleaning, plumbing and so much more, we are able to be your go-to company for most anything that you need help with around your home.

Plumber in Mooresville, North Carolina

One of the services that we always recommend you try with us first is when you need a plumber. Plumbers have the experience that you need in order to ensure that your water lines are hooked up correctly, not leaking and causing damage or mold growth, and that the hot and cold water are in the right places! While these can seem like minor issues, anyone with incorrect or damaged plumbing will tell you they wished they had just hired a plumber in the first place.

With the assistance of one of our plumbers, you can feel confident in your plumbing work. It will be done correctly and to the highest of standards so that you don’t need to worry about whether or not the faucet was correctly plumbed — you’ll know that it was!

With the years of experience that we have, we want to help ensure that every aspect of your home is as you would like it to be, including the plumbing. We would love to tell you more about our plumbers and wide variety of other services available to you, so please contact us today for more information!