Priming, Mooresville, NC

There are a few instances in which priming is essential for your property.

When it comes to your home, there are times when the quality of the finished products is entirely dependent upon having quality preparation completed. If you are planning to paint your home or business property, one of the most important steps of preparation is quality priming. At Royal Cleaning and Property Maintenance, we realize that priming likely isn’t on your to-do list when you are living your busy life in the Mooresville, North Carolina area, so we are available to take that task off your plate! There are a few instances in which our priming services are especially helpful, including:

Priming in Mooresville, North Carolina

  • Purchase of a Home: Sometimes when you buy a home, you are forced to reckon with some of the design choices that the previous owners had, and sometimes those choices were, well, terrible! Sometimes people choose deep, rich colors that are hard to cover up with several coats of paint. Priming gives you a fresh start.
  • Recently Finished Build: If your home is a new construction home, you might be tempted to paint right over the mudding and texture of drywall, but priming first is essential. Fresh drywall needs primer in order to mask the drywall paper and tape.
  • Damaged Properties: If your walls sustained large holes or dents, you’ll need priming in order to have the wall repaired properly. Without primer, even if the paint matches, the sheen will be absorbed and the patch will be visible.

If you want efficient and quality priming services from a great company, contact us today!