Painting Company, Mooresville, NC

Looking for a painting company that goes the extra mile? You found one!

Painting is one of those tasks that can seem like a great DIY project – right up to the point you tally up the cost of the painting supplies, equipment, and the time and effort needed to do the project properly. If you have already come to the conclusion that calling a painting company to handle your interior painting project makes more sense, you’ll be happy to know that here at Royal Cleaning and Property Maintenance, we provide the quality results you want, leaving you free to do more enjoyable tasks.

Painting Company in Mooresville, North Carolina

When we started our Mooresville, North Carolina company in 1998, we decided that the only way we would do things was the right way – no cutting corners, no excuses. We felt our customers deserved a painting company that would take the time to cover every detail, including unrivaled prep work and priming, as well as trim and baseboard painting. Whether you have a painted wall that you want a new color for or wallpaper that needs to be removed first, we have you covered. We can transform one or more rooms with the color of your choice, including the ceiling, walls, baseboards, and trim.

Feel free to contact us to get a quote for painting, as well as any of our other services. We aren’t just a painting company; we take care of several home improvement tasks, as well as provide cleaning services. Everyone in our employ has gone through a background check and is bonded, insured, and trained for the task at hand. Call today to learn more.