The Right Cleaning Choice for your Flooring

Do you like your flooring? Do you want to keep it for years to come, or would you be happy to see it go tomorrow? Whether you currently have flooring that you like or just want to keep the existing flooring in reasonable condition until you can switch it out, you need to know the proper methods for cleaning your flooring. Proper cleaning of your flooring can not just keep things clean and pleasant to look at, but can also help the longevity of your floors. Here at Royal Cleaning and Property Maintenance, we have compiled a few common flooring choices and have a little information on the best way to clean each one.

  • Hardwoods- Hardwoods are almost universally loved as a flooring choice. In order to clean your hardwood floors and make them last, be sure to avoid pooling water in areas like doorways or mudrooms. Additionally, simple cleaning such as a dry mopping followed by a damp cleaning with a drop or two of gentle dish soap is all you need.The Right Cleaning Choice for your Flooring
  • Carpet- Carpet cleaning should be done once or twice per year by professionals, and carefully spot-cleaned in between. Professional carpet cleaners should be used whenever possible, since their machines are more powerful, remove more of the water, and get better results.

If you’d like to know more about cleaning options for your flooring, give us a call here at Royal Cleaning today!